Welcome to the Comm Track at IJ-8!

The IJ-8 Comm Track will discuss the role of innovation communication in the innovation economy; share ideas about opportunities, emerging trends and best practices; discuss relations to other stakeholders – especially journalists; and look at threats, ethics and interaction with society.

This new track is open for all IJ-8 participants. It is different from the Main Track in that the sessions are organized from the innovations communications point of view.

By adding the Comm Track to IJ-8, we hope to help build the full picture of the Innovation Communication System, from several angles.

IJ-8 Comm Track Chair: Sven Otto Littorin, Visiting Scholar, SCIC
IJ-8 Chair: David Nordfors, Founding Executive Director, SCIC
(contact: last name (at) stanford . edu)

Comm Track Advisors: Lou Hoffman, Founder, The Hoffman Agency and Jan Hedquist;