Welcome to the Comm Track at IJ-8!

The IJ-8 Comm Track will discuss the role of innovation communication in the innovation economy; share ideas about opportunities, emerging trends and best practices; discuss relations to other stakeholders – especially journalists; and look at threats, ethics and interaction with society.

This new track is open for all IJ-8 participants. It is different from the Main Track in that the sessions are organized from the innovations communications point of view.

By adding the Comm Track to IJ-8, we hope to help build the full picture of the Innovation Communication System, from several angles.

IJ-8 Comm Track Chair: Sven Otto Littorin, Visiting Scholar, SCIC
IJ-8 Chair: David Nordfors, Founding Executive Director, SCIC
(contact: last name (at) stanford . edu)

Comm Track Advisors: Lou Hoffman, Founder, The Hoffman Agency and Jan Hedquist; 

KEYNOTE: Geoffrey Moore - How New IT and New Styles of Work Will Reshape Journalism And Communications

Geoffrey Moore
Now that consumer communication applications like Skype, Facebook and Twitter are outcompeting corporate solutions, the nature of professional organizations will change. Journalism and Communication will be severely affected.

Geoffrey Moore is one of the leading thinkers on innovation. A Venture Partner at Mohr Davidow, he serves as an advisor to many of the firm’s portfolio companies and draws upon best practices derived from his extensive work.  He is the author of several renowned books, such as "Crossing the Chasm", "Inside the Tornado", "The Gorilla Game" and "Dealing with Darwin".  

Geoffrey's bio is here. A fuller description of this session is available on the IJ-8 Blog.